Thursday, April 9, 2009


I can't believe that in just a few short hours I'm going to meet/clinic with my all-time hero: James C. Wofford.

I'm sure everyone in eventing knows this icon--he's DA MAN. I've read his blogs (love those), read his articles, read his books....even watched his dvd. From my somewhat novice perspective, he seems like he has...well, wisdom, plain and simple. Good basics, astute observations, uncanny ability to synthesize what's going on in the context of these basics/astute observations....AND, to top it all off, he's a good writer. Talk about a great package. I'm reminded of Charlotte's web, and Wilbur's reminiscence of Charlotte: "It's not often you find a good friend who's also a good writer. Charlotte was both."

Perhaps after this clinic I can say that I know Jimmy Wofford, who's a good coach AND a good writer...just like Charlotte.


I'll be riding Paycheck, my competition horse who's recovering from EPM. Jennifer will be riding Dylan, who's been the "go to" guy while PC was sick. I hope they both are on their best behavior!

Keep your fingers crossed that we have good weather. Right now it's supposed to storm Saturday night and Sunday. Gulp.

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