Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Second Coming!

God....aka, Jimmy once again coming within 500 miles of me! That means that this Friday I'll be hightailing it up to Edmond, OK to once more sit at the feet of the master. I'm sooooooo thrilled!

Of course, it's a crappy time of the semester, and a certain university committee is kicking my butt, so I COULD be in better shape both mentally and physically....but it's


So I will pull out the best I can do, and perhaps a bit more, and let my horse show THE MAN how much he (both "he"s) have taught me!

Here's a quote from JW to show what I'm talking about:

"Adopt a classical position, resist all fads and gadgets, and ride the horse quietly and softly between the two straight lines of the stirrup leather and the elbow to the horse's mouth," he explains in the book Training the Three Day Event Horse and Rider. "It's simple. It's just not easy."


More as I can post. Until then, dear readers, pleasant dreams!

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